White Board Animation Videos

Over the last few years, Whiteboard Animation has really exploded as a chosen method for delivering a message about a product or service. Here are a few of our whiteboard animated explainer videos for your viewing pleasure.

Risk Management Advisors Whiteboard Animation Video | Vercel

Premier NHD Whiteboard Animation Video | Vercel

The Parsons Real Estate Team Whiteboard Animation Video | Vercel

Beyond Codes Whiteboard Animation Video | Vercel

Why are whiteboard animations so engaging and captivating? Well, there are several reasons.


Whiteboard animation is, at the very least, entertaining and visually interesting. In short, it’s a video of a hand – an actual hand of an actual person (that’s not the animation part) – drawing on a board, usually white so you can see it clearly.

Now, on the surface, that might sound kind of boring. After all, who really wants to watch a guy (or gal) draw? But the truth is, it’s fun to watch a disembodied hand dart around the screen with a dry erase marker, making fun, kooky drawings, and wonder, “Is someone really doing that?” You’d be surprised to learn that the answer is usually “Yes!” And you quickly realize that the talent of these artists is remarkable.

The whiteboard animated explainer videos are usually rendered in fast motion to eliminate all the boring parts of drawing, like mistakes, erasings, and simply waiting for someone to finish drawing a complex image.


Some things are hard to explain or describe. Or they’re just not inherently captivating. They usually require what is known as an explainer video.

Whiteboard Animation is perfect for Explainer Videos because it allows for unique, dynamic storytelling that engages the viewer, holds their attention, and allows for the delivery of an impactful message that might otherwise be difficult to understand.


Without a doubt, the biggest attraction of the whiteboard animated explainer videos is the animation, and at Vercel, our team of expert animators is the finest in the industry. Every whiteboard animation is custom hand drawn to your specifications.

But it’s more than just the animation that makes the video great. Our creative storytellers will craft the perfect script, and our network of narrators can deliver any message with the perfect blend of empathy and salesmanship.

Unsure if whiteboard animation is best for you? Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll give you our thoughts on how best to present your company and your product.

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