Training Video Series

Sometimes you need training video production and a collection of videos to say everything you need to say about your company or about the services you offer.  That’s where a Video Series comes in handy.  But a series of videos is not just simply several stand-alone videos.  

When it comes to training video production a series is a carefully designed, carefully produced group of videos that showcase a company utilizing a branded look and feel.  In short, you want your series of videos to look like they came from the same production shop, and about the same company. Each of the below videos is from various video series that we have produced for our clients. 

The Taylor Method Recruitment Video Series | Vercel

Vercel Video Series Sample

Vercel Educational Video Series Sample

Roadrunner Performance Tutorial Series Video | Vercel


For example, let’s say you own a vibrant retail business.  You have expanded to the degree that you have dedicated staff performing specific and distinct duties.  You’ve also expanded to the degree that you want to standardize your training by utilizing video.  Good thinking!  But the training you’re going to show your cashiers on how to work the cash register should be vastly different than the one you show the stockroom clerk regarding inventory compliance and best practices.  And you’ll probably need a video to fall in line with state or government regulations regarding things such as sexual harassment in the workplace or filing complaints.

The best approach would be to choose a uniform style for the videos (live action, animation) and stick with that style throughout the series, as well as using the same host or voiceover talent.


Some businesses or even industries are primed for video series because of the disparate nature of their business.  The legal profession and insurance industry are perfect examples.

Many law offices and insurance agencies specialize in several areas.  A lawyer or practice may claim to be a “Personal Injury” firm, but even Personal Injury can be divided into Auto Accidents, Slip and Falls, Workplace Accidents, Dog Bites, etc.  Each subsection of Personal Injury has its distinct instructions and regulations for how to best pursue action and what type of legal recourse exists.

Similarly, a vibrant insurance agent handles claims for a variety of accidents and mishaps.  Auto, Motorcycle, Home, Health, etc. Employing the same face or voice across the series – perhaps in conjunction with an individual agent who specializes in the particular area being referenced – helps build familiarity and brand the company.


One ancillary advantage of having a video series is that you show the potential customer that you care about the issues they’re faced with, you’re knowledgeable about all facets, and that you have achieved a certain level of success to be able to have produced several videos!


The experts at Vercel understand the competitive value that a video series provides.  That’s why we fully understand the nature of training video production and are capable of designing a package that delivers branding integrity without breaking the bank.

If you’re not sure which style of video is best for your product or service, contact us for a free consultation.

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