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Sometimes a story is best told by people or objects interacting in a recognizable space.

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Roadrunner Performance Product Video | Vercel

This is also true when trying to sell a product or service. When it comes to corporate video production, a live action video or commercial presents a realistic, serious approach that animation can’t. Not to say that live action commercials can’t have some humor, but the production elements keep them grounded in reality that animation dismisses.


Audiences appreciate the comparative value of stories. They want to see themselves in what they’re watching. Or someone or something that looks like them. A neighborhood that looks like theirs. A house that looks like theirs. An office that looks like theirs. Whatever the setting, the viewer should relate to it. This is much easier to achieve with live action.


Personableness may seem like a made up word, but essentially it refers to the way someone connects with another person. And when you’re trying to sell something, connecting with a potential buyer is probably the most important thing you can do.

Live action videos, particularly ones driven by an on-camera host, deliver a personableness that goes beyond non-live action.

The actor or talent is hopefully able to project a warmth and empathy, while also appearing professional and knowledgeable.


Some products are best shown to fully comprehend their usability, or even their attractive design. Cars are a perfect example. Nothing sells a car better than seeing it in action on the open road – as well as real people enjoying the thrill of driving it.

What about your product? Is there motion and movement to it that needs to be shown? Or if it looks good or sleek, show it off!


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