Our Team

The crew behind Vercel came together from vastly different industries, united by one common goal: a desire to make stuff that isn't junk.

We figure, there’s enough junk out there already. Think about the last commercial you watched that really made you laugh, or caught your attention. Now, can you even remember what exactly it was advertising? Did you ever end up using that company, or their product? We all love to laugh, but good marketing gets results. Results you can take to the bank.

Abhi Sambari

Founder & CEO

Dillon Magrann-Wells

Chief Creative Officer

Andy Glickman

Storyteller Par Excellence

These are the three figures currently at the core of Vercel. From there, specialists such as storyboard artists, cinematographers, voice artists, and sound designers are brought in on the projects that suit them best. Our network of affiliated professionals has grown non-stop since the first animated explainer videos we ever made.

If there’s a video you want to see made, Vercel has the capability to get it done. Fast. And right