We wouldn’t blame you if you’re not reading this – even though it’s wonderfully written. But the fact is that this site has a video prominently displayed on its Homepage! Studies have shown that you’re about 60% more likely to have clicked on that video than you are to read this paragraph. That’s why we’re smart enough to have a video prominently displayed on our Homepage, above the fold. Are you?

Whether you’re just joining the video marketing revolution, or you’re a veteran of the video marketing wars, Vercel is here to help!

At Vercel, we focus on hard results. No matter what type of video we create for you, creating a professional video with high production value is only the beginning. Our objective is to create a video that actually results in more online visibility, better conversion, and measurable ROI.

We’re not just a video marketing company; we’re a partner whose solitary goal is to help you grow your business.

We bring a consultative and effective approach to every project, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

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What we do

What we do is simple: we provide one of the most powerful sales tools for your business since the advent of the internet.

How we do it is unique, dynamic, and impressive.

We provide full-scale, comprehensive video production – from ideation to script writing to storyboarding to production to editing – that compels, excites, engages, and inspires an audience to respond to your call to action.

Vercel offers dynamic custom drawn images from talented animators to simplify complex explanations through an engaging and entertaining style that’s all the rage.

More than just a cartoon, Vercel’s animation videos are captivating and entertaining sales tools for any business.

Vercel presents full production services at their finest for live action videos and commercials.  We use the latest equipment  and the best talent to relate to your key demographic.

Need to train a large, dynamic staff?  Want to feature a variety of services or even products?  Or maybe you just want a competitive advantage by embracing the latest marketing trends.  Vercel is here to help!

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Video Marketing trusted by large and small companies

Vercel has had the opportunity to work with businesses of all types and sizes in an effort to help them maximize their video marketing efforts. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or you’re working on your initial fortune, we can put together a video plan that's right for you!